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About Blue Pearl Spas

Bristol Based Hot Tub Manufacturer

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, we have combined our technical knowledge and design to bring you great style and reliability. We are situated in the heart of Bristol and welcome visitors to our showroom.

Quality and warranty

As the manufacture our quality assurance is guaranteed, with full 2 year parts and labour guarantee. In the unlikely event that a service call is required, our factory trained technicians will visit. We don’t use third party or warehouse staff.


What Makes Us Different

One of the few companies that offer water treatment systems as standard. With all Blue pearl spas In-clear is fitted as standard. With the Viskan range using a combined Ozone and UV unit.

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Insulation and frame construction

Blue Pearl Spas have developed a fully insulated and composite framed spa.

The base unit is of a composite construction, with 50mm of high density foam encapsulated between the outer and inner composite reinforcement making the base completely water tight against all outside elements, and retaining heat within the spa.

Our spas contain no wood in the frames and include fully insulated sides. Frames are constructed from a reinforced composite, giving integral strength to the spa and insuring lifelong integrity and form. The frame is insulated to the same high standard as the base with 50mm high density foam.